Dr. Morrow's Approach

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Dr. Morrow has been treating injuries using her hands for nearly a decade. She utilizes Neuromuscular Therapy, Active Release techniques, Trigger Point Therapy, motion palpation, and myofascial stretching techniques to help determine and manipulate those muscles which contribute to pulling the spine out of alignment.  By releasing these muscles in addition to adjusting the spine and extremities, and helping you work towards correcting muscle imbalances, Dr. Morrow aims to give you the tools your body needs for maintaining alignment as long as possible. 





Hood River Chiropractor and Massage

Some of the conditions that tend to respond well to this combined approach include the following:


Disc Injuries (Bulge, Tear, Protrusion, Herniation, Degeneration)

Shoulder Pain


Low Back Pain


Neck Pain

Knee Pain

IT Band Problems

Ankle/Foot Pain


If you have any questions about whether Dr. Morrow's approach might be right for you, just give us a call! (541) 386-3790