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Welcome to Gorge Chiropractic!

Hood River Chiropractors, serving the Columbia River Gorge, and the Greater Portland area

Our Mission.

Our mission is simple--it is to HELP with our HANDS.

We offer a unique healthcare experience in which we attempt to help you help yourself.


We aim to help you unlock your body's natural ability to heal.

At Gorge Chiropractic, we welcome everyone with a spine--infants, toddlers, kids, teens, athletes, weekend warriors, Moms, Dads, Grandmas and Grandpas. Our team has a variety of experience from treating sports injuries, Chiropractic throughout pregnancy and infancy, as well as managing the changes our bodies experience as we go throughout life.


We look forward to helping you meet your individual health goals, wherever you are along your journey!

Touching the Surface

Our Services.


What Our Clients are Saying.

"I have been working with Dr. Jen for nearly six months so far following a back injury. From the early days of acute pain through the weeks and months (and ups and downs) of recovery, she has been an expert guide on my path towards healing. I feel grateful to have been treated not only by a person who is knowledgeable and skillful, but by one who shows empathy and compassion as well. I count myself lucky to have her as a partner on this journey."

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