I value the individualized story your body tells us. Using principles of Functional Medicine, along with my manual skills as both a Chiropractic physician and massage therapist, my approach to healing attempts to leave no stone unturned.




At Gorge Chiropractic, we welcome everyone with a spine--from infants to the more "mature".  Athletes, weekend warriors, Moms, Dads, and even entire families! Book an appointment today to see what the combination of Chiropractic and Massage can do for you--in the same visit!

Welcome to Gorge Chiropractic!
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Gorge Chiropractic is Located at:

Peak Performance

417 Sherman Ave. #8

Hood River, OR 97031

Tel: 541-386-3790
Fax: 541-386-1401

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Monday: 8-4:30

Tuesday: 8-4:30

Wednesday: closed

Thursday: 8-4:30

Friday: closed


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